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About Cornerstone Acupuncture Institute

Cornerstone Acupuncture Institute is an integrated acupuncture practice located in Irvine and Fullerton, California, that strives to provide lasting pain relief to their patients. With a team of board-certified acupuncturists and chiropractors, the practice delivers unparalleled care to patients suffering from chronic pain, orthopedic issues, sports injuries, spinal injuries, and more.

What sets Cornerstone Acupuncture Institute apart from other practices is the team’s dedication to integrative medicine. Our dedicated providers truly want to help restore function, improve mobility, and relieve pain in a multi-disciplinary clinical setting. That’s why we target the root of the problem rather than masking the symptoms when treating patients. Care at Cornerstone Acupuncture Institute is always patient-centered, meaning the team consistently works directly with patients to design their individualized treatment plans.

In addition to comprehensive physical evaluations, the team asks their patients about their genetic and medical history, lifestyle habits, diet and nutrition, and environmental factors that may contribute to their symptoms. This all-encompassing attitude toward health care shifts the focus from medication and surgery and instead targets a patient’s overall well-being.

The team implements a number of minimally invasive treatments and therapies to improve their patients’ quality of life, including acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy and other care services.

Cornerstone Acupuncture Institute is proud to serve the community of Orange County as a leading provider in acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, and integrative care. The practice accepts most insurance types and is always excited to meet new patients. For more information, call or schedule a consultation online.

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